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Source: Big list of metronomes (link)


After being disappointed by a whole host of metronomes, I decided to write my own. It is the first one in the list below.
  • Alen's Metronome (link)
  • Best Metronomes (link):
    • Accessible (link), has tap-to-bpm
    • Best Drum Trainer (link)
    • Speed Trainer (link)
  • Metronome Online (link)
  • Nedtronome (link)
  • Gitori (link), can't get the sound

Open Source projects

  • metronome, mechanical (link)
  • metronome, digital (link)

BPM Tools

  • Best Metronomes
  • All 8 (link), tap-to-bpm

for Windows

  • PC 9 Virtual Metronome (link)
  • NCH TempoPerfect Metronome (link)
  • MuseScore (simply creating a score and turning on a metronome with intro)
  • Open Metronome (link)
  • Presto Metronome (link)
  • Bounce Metronome (link), $

for Android

  • Drummer's Metronome (link)
  • Metronomerus (link)
  • Metronomics (link)
  • Pro Metronome