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  • Warming up (link)
  • Stretching (link)
  • Functional practicing (link), contains 13 practice patterns in PDF.

Exercises without sticks

  • Fist clenching (forearm and hand muscle buildup) and stretching.
  • Individual finger contraction, for muscles and control.
  • Fingers: upside-down stick (link). Wrist in the "up" position, then work the fingers only.
  • Jojo's hand claping.
  • Charles Wilcoxon: place fingertips on the table and lift palms. Tap left index finger and right middle finger in rapid succession.



  • Open/close technique, double-stroke roll, Dave Weckl (link)
  • Exercises for Tendonitis and Carpal Tunnel (link)


Match Grip (lead/right hand)

  • fingers

Traditional Grip (left hand)

  • Fingers
    • Traditional Grip Finger Control, link): fulcrum finger (thumb), 2, 3, 4, 5.
    • link,
  • Bounce the stick with fingers only. Start from thumb, then rotate the hand clockwise. Transition to bounce with index finger and then to middle finger, and back. (Dave Weckl; see here)


Weak Hand

Lessons from Drumeo (link).

  • 16th notes, leading with the weak hand, across the set. Play at 60BPM.
  • LH/RF 8th notes across the set, 60BPM
  • Moeller with the weak hand,
    • at 120BPM for 3-stroke (Stroke + 2 rebounds)
    • or 90BPM for 4-stroke (3 rebounds)
  • Bursting with the weak hand (60 BPM)


  • Foot Speed (link)
  • Jojo Mayer exercises: down beat, tap/up, up beat, down/tap. (link)
  • Rocking motion / heal/toe (link)

Double Bass

Time / Metronome

  • Metronome Reduction method (link)