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Online Resources

Also see the Education page.

Online lessons

  • 40 Rudiments (link)
  • Gordy Knudtson (link), excellent descriptions
  • Dom Famularo (link)
  • Drum Rudiments (link)
  • Drums Database (link)
  • Drum Lessons (link)
  • Sticks (link)
  • Odd Time Beats (link)
  • Percussion.org, Basic snare techniques (link)
  • Roland V-Drums Lessons (link)
  • Bill Powelson (link)
  • Drum Beats Online (link)
  • Learn Drums for Free (link)
  • Video Drum Lessons (link)
  • Drumming Expert (link), Randall Beach, and youtube channel (link). Great foundations.
  • Bass Drum Technique, Drumeo (link)


  • Extreme Independence (link)
  • Coordinated Independence (link)


  • Coordination exercises for Latin Jazz drumming (link)
  • Making the Beat: Jazz Drums (link)
  • Soultone Artist Tony Miller - Jazz drumming 101 - Swing! (link)
  • Jazz Rhytm Section 101 (link)
  • Jazz Drumming Lessons @ Free Drum Lessons (link)
  • "Push Beats", video for Online Drummer, by John X (link).
  • GROOVE ESSENTIAL #18: Jazz Swing (link)

Live courses & workshops

  • Drum Academy, Vienna (link)
  • Jam Music Lab (link)
  • Jazz Drums studies at Vienna University (WU) (link)
  • Jazz at Vienna Conservatory (link, main page)
  • Vienna Music Institute (link)
  • Polyhymnia (link)


  • Jojo Mayer
    • Secret weapons for the modern drummer I
    • Secret weapons for the modern drummer II
  • Benny Greb
    • The language of drumming
    • The art and science of groove
  • Marco Minneman
  • Steve Smith, "drumset technique and history of the u.s. beat"


  • Daily Drumming (link)

Other resources

  • Vic Firth (link)
  • Online Drummer (link), lessons, sheet music
  • Drummer World (link)
  • Pearl, education (link)
  • Drum Talk TV, on Facebook. Follows Billy Cobham.

YouTube Channels

  • Andertons (link)
  • Huestis Music (link), excellent tutorials
  • Pearl Rudiments playlist (link)

Specific Lessons

  • Building Coordination (link)
  • Indian Rhytms (link)


  • My Music Master Class (link)