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Preparing the USB:

- How To Make Your Roland TD-11K Drums Recognize Your USB Drive (link). Basically, just plug the USB stick in before turning on the module.


- Roland TD-11 review (link)

Using with VSTs

It is fairly simple to use TD-11 as the trigger for VST, in this case Superior Drummer.

  • Connect the module to a PC via USB cable.
  • In the module itself, go to options/system/midi and set Local Control to OFF. This should eliminate latency and will disable triggering of the module instruments when connected via MIDI.
  • Start Toontrack Solo and select a drum kit.
  • Select input: MIDI -> Controller -> E-drums.
  • Select output: Audio -> Audio Device -> TD-11. This will eliminate latency as the signal is sent digitally to the module and only there converted to analog.
  • Set up the MIDI notes. Mapping tab, bottom panel, Presets -> MIDI -> Note Mapping -> E-Drums.

Toontrack video - link.