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2Box DrumIt 5

Drumit Five seems like an interesting module and a decent alternative to Roland modules.



  • Hyperactive, the original software and updates (link)
  • DrumIt Five Kit/Sound Editor (link)
  • DrumIt Manager (link)
  • DSoundTool (link)
  • Lustark (link)
  • Open Sound System (link)


  • JMan (link)
  • Zourman hi-hat conversion kits (link)
  • Roland KT-10 bass pedal works (link)
  • Yamaha PCY-135/PCY-155 and 2Box (link)


  • Different mods (link)
  • SD Card mod (link), SD Card compatibility (link)
  • Hi-hat adapter (link)



Pros & Cons


  • Realistic multi-layer sound samples.
  • Can use own VSTs or samples from other providers.


  • Can't get 3-zone rides with Roland cymbals.
  • Does not support other hi-hat controllers. Requires a 3rd-party adapter for this.
  • The number of instruments that can be triggered equals the number of pads. Additional instruments can not be triggered via MIDI IN.
  • Relatively small storage space. Mod necessary to expand, losing the USB access.


A collection of wonderful tips from vdrums & 2box forums.

Note on machine gunning

"The 2Box module eliminates machine gunning in three ways. First, it provides many velocity layers for each sound and allows the full 127 layers (maximum MIDI spec) to be assigned if desired. Second, whenever a note is played at a given velocity, the 2Box module randomly selects from layers close to the same velocity. This means the same layer never sounds twice, while providing the illusion of consistent timbre at each velocity layer. Third, enough polyphony is provided such that notes are never truncated."

Cymbal settings

"I would suggest setting the crashes to CyEdg trigger type, and plug the ride in using the Bow/Bell input and set it as CyCup. That is the most compatible trigger type for Roland cymbals. You will get Bow/Edge/Choke on the crash cymbals and Bow/Bell with the ride and should get excellent separation."

Expanding the set

"you can add 4 more cymbals to 2box.. by not using tom "rim" triggers, (i think very few people use tom rims sounds)
this way you free up 4 more 'slots' in the module (assignable by midi no.) with drumit5 editor you can put cymbal samples inside tom sounds and save again as .dsnd ..(sound now being tom head, and cymbal rim ..) "

Open Questions

  • brushes?